Omega Hotel Management is the hospitality investment business arm under Alfaland Group, OHM is supported by integrated sales & marketing, reservation and operational system throughout all of it hotel brands. OHM is also part of Alfa Corporation which is known for Alfamart in the retail business sector and Alfaland in the national property business sector.


Signata, Cordela Suites, Grand Cordela, Cordela, Cordela Inn, Cordex, and Alfa Resort are distinct establishments situated in various locations, each offering unique facilities. Nevertheless, their shared objective is to deliver comfortable accommodations that cater to the diverse needs of their guests.

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    school holiday season has arrived, and it's time for some quality family time with an unforgettable staycation. Cordela Hotel, managed by Omega Hotel Management, presents the special "Cordela Schooliday" promo, specially designed to celebrate children and families.
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    Want a sudden staycation but confused about how to quickly make a reservation? Experience a new way of booking hotel rooms anytime, anywhere through a virtual assistant from Cordi.
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    Enjoy a relaxing holiday and staycation with your family by taking advantage of a 25% discount for loyal Alfa Gift members. By becoming a part of the Alfa Gift membership, you will receive a 25% discount when making transactions and reservations at all hotel units under Omega Hotel Management.
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Stay informed about the latest updates and offerings from our hotels
  • omega-hotel-management-signs-agreement-to-open-new-cordela-inn-jakarta-airport-hotel
    Omega Hotel Management Signs Agreement To Open New Cordela Inn Jakarta Airport Hotel
  • omega-hotel-management-signs-strategic-partnership-agreement-with-golden-chain-the-largest-motel-network-in-australia
    Omega Hotel Management Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Golden Chain - The Largest Motel Network in Australia
  • omega-hotel-management-opens-new-property-in-medan-cordela-express-cordex-marelan-medan
    Omega Hotel Management Opens New Property in Medan, Cordela Express (Cordex) Marelan Medan
  • alfaland-group-receives-best-national-hotel-management-with-technology-innovation-award-from-property-bank-award
    Alfaland Group Receives Best National Hotel Management with Technology Innovation Award from Property & Bank Award
  • alfaland-celebrates-25th-anniversary-commemorating-the-journey-through-time
    Alfaland Celebrates 25th Anniversary: Commemorating the Journey Through Time
  • omega-hotel-management-will-soon-launch-an-indonesian-restaurant-ramela-cultural-taste-of-indonesia
    Omega Hotel Management will soon launch an Indonesian Restaurant, "Ramela - Cultural Taste of Indonesia".
  • tajil-on-the-road-with-omega-hotel-management-sharing-1000-tajil-in-the-holy-month-of-ramadan
    Tajil on the Road" with Omega Hotel Management: Sharing 1000 Tajil in the Holy Month of Ramadan
  • csr-program-of-alfaland-group-in-commemoration-of-alfalands-25th-anniversary-journey
    CSR Program of Alfaland Group in Commemoration of Alfaland's 25th Anniversary Journey
  • omega-hotel-management-will-continue-its-expansion-by-opening-cordela-suites-cianjur
    Omega Hotel Management will continue Its expansion by opening Cordela Suites Cianjur
  • cordex-marelan-medan-comfortable-affordable
    Cordex Marelan Medan, comfortable & affordable!
  • omega-hotel-management-celebrates-1-decade-full-of-brilliant-achievements
    Omega Hotel Management Celebrates 1 Decade full of brilliant achievements
  • launching-of-international-hospitality-alliance-iha-booking-website
    Launching of International Hospitality Alliance (IHA) Booking Website
  • omega-hotel-management-launched-new-website-with-modern-features
    Omega Hotel Management launched new website with modern features
  • say-hello-to-your-virtual-assistance-cordi
    Say Hello! to your Virtual Assistance, CORDI.
  • omega-hotel-management-strengthen-international-collaboration-within-international-hospitality-alliance-together-with-gloria-hotel-resort-china
    Omega Hotel Management strengthen International collaboration within International Hospitality Alliance together with Gloria Hotel & Resort China
  • cordela-hotels-supports-earth-hour-activities-8211-1-our-watch-for-the-earth
    Cordela Hotels supports earth hour activities – 1 our watch for the earth
  • cordela-hotels-shares-blessings-by-giving-1000-tajil
    Cordela Hotels shares blessings by giving 1000 tajil
  • celebrating-its-9th-anniversary-ohm-built-9-toilets-suitable-for-use-in-kedung-dalem-village-mauk-tangerang
    Celebrating its 9th Anniversary, OHM built 9 toilets suitable for use in Kedung Dalem Village, Mauk, Tangerang
  • ahead-of-the-9th-anniversary-ohm-gives-100-food-packages-and-targets-the-construction-of-toilets-for-villagers
    Ahead of the 9th Anniversary, OHM gives 100 food packages and targets the construction of toilets for villagers
  • grand-opening-of-cordela-suites-tasikmalaya
    Grand Opening of Cordela Suites Tasikmalaya
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