We have embarked on the digitalization of Omega Hotel Management's business processes. Our range of digital products is tailored to accommodate your requirements, whether it pertains to business or leisure travel. With our hotel's digital offerings, you can be confident in achieving optimal business performance.


Cortech, developed by Omega Hotel Management, is a cloud-based Hotel Management System. It serves as an all-inclusive integrated system for effective hotel administration, overseeing tasks ranging from sales and operations to inventory and back-office management. Cortech offers a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of hotel operations. Operating on a web-based platform, it provides easy accessibility across multiple devices, thus eliminating the need for substantial investments in Data Center procurement.

Furthermore, Cortech functions as a centralized data system, rendering it particularly suitable for hotel businesses with multiple property units. The system ensures that data is centralized and interconnected between properties, enabling seamless access to real-time reports.

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Sales App

  • We diligently monitor all sales activities and provide a comprehensive sales reporting system
  • Our system is equipped with GPS capabilities to monitor the location of sales personnel
  • We ensure clear and concise information regarding sales appointments and designated contact persons
  • We meticulously summarize all sales activities and performance on a monthly and weekly basis
  • Regular report updates are facilitated through our user-friendly application

OHM Dashboard

  • Easy to monitor and analyze your Business Performance
  • Monitoring your hotel performance on daily basis
  • Knowing you surrounding competition

OHM Quality Assurance

  • Consistency and persistency monitoring Quality of services and facilities in every unit under Omega Hotel Management based on hotel standard.
  • Periodic monitoring process by OHM to maintain quality of services.
  • Monitoring the progress of audit result from property.

Construction Engineering

The application is used during construction from foundation to completion, Update development progress on daily basis & Friendly user for owner to monitor the progress on-site.
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