Through the presence of a proficient hotel team, we can surpass guest expectations, augment revenue, and uphold our standing as a premier provider of hospitality services.
  • hanto-djoko-susanto
    Hanto Djoko Susanto
    Hanto attained his master's degree in Marketing, specializing in Science, from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Prior to this, he completed his bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Francisco State University.

    Hanto is a notable figure within the Alfaland Group, a diversified real estate company based in Indonesia. With an extensive background in the real estate industry spanning over 23 years, he possesses a wealth of experience. Since joining Alfaland Group at its inception in 2000, Hanto has played a pivotal role in the company's growth and achievements.

    Under Hanto's leadership, Alfaland Group has flourished, overseeing numerous prestigious projects encompassing luxury residential properties, commercial buildings, hotels, and mixed-use developments.
  • adrianus-daniel-sulaiman
    Adrianus Daniel Sulaiman
    Daniel attained his degree in Food & Beverage Management from Domino Carlton Tivoli and pursued further studies in Hotel Management at the International Management Institute in Switzerland.

    With a remarkable career spanning over three decades in the dynamic realm of hospitality, Daniel emerges as a seasoned executive with an enviable track record. His tenure has been marked by a consistent ability to drive positive business outcomes, elevating both the tangible and intangible aspects of company operations.

    Daniel's profound expertise extends across the entire spectrum of hotel and resort operations, encompassing areas such as sales, marketing, human resources, finance, room division and F&B. His comprehensive understanding of these divisions underscores his remarkable ability to oversee the entirety of the hospitality ecosystem, making him a true leader in the industry.
  • rasjid-reksodiputro
    Rasjid Reksodiputro
    Rasjid successfully earned his Master's degree in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminology from the University of Indonesia.

    Beyond his professional pursuits, Rasjid actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, with a particular emphasis on initiatives dedicated to education and humanitarian causes. Throughout his career, Rasjid has consistently been involved in roles that revolve around people.

    Rasjid Reksodiputro exhibits visionary leadership and recognizes the importance of investing in exceptional human resources.
  • tjhin-ko-cin
    Tjhin Ko Cin
    Tjhin Ko Cin achieved his degree in Accounting from the University of Indonesia. He is a Professional Holder Registered Accountant designated by the Finance Ministry, as well as a Chartered Accountant certified by Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia.

    Over the years, Tjhin Ko Cin has emerged as a prominent figure in the Indonesian finance sector, establishing a robust brand presence and earning a reputation for delivering excellence and fostering innovation.

    With his extensive finance background, Tjhin Ko Cin has garnered invaluable experience across diverse industries, including banking, trading, plantations, property, and hospitality.
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