Signata, Cordela Suites, Grand Cordela, Cordela, Cordela Inn, Cordex, Alfa Resort, Alam Hotel are all different hotels with different locations and facilities. However, they all strive to provide comfortable accommodations to meet their guests' needs.


Cordela Suites aiming to break into the premium market of internasional hotel, the identity is visualized  to have a more sleek and sophisticated look. The logomark is a diamond-cut shape chosen for its great symbolic meanings of prestigious and everlasting. Navy blue is used as the identity as it is associated with profesionalism and excellence.


Grand Cordela provides efficient and economy hospitality that combines the concept of business traveler and leisure purposes which we address as Leisure. We serve the purpose of our millennial audiences, we ultilize our neighboorhood surrounding resources and culture as our main selling point since our hotel are located in variety of cities. Our guests may experience our first hand acknowledgement through our hotel.


Cordela Hotel combines the quality in comfort with affordable price for the guests. We offer efficiency for our client so they don't need to concern about trivial things during their travel. Client satisfaction is our goal where we would go extra miles to ensure the client get a good night sleep so they would be totally prepared for their journeys tomorrow. We understand what our clients need and always do our best to make sure they feel just like at home while staying in our hospitality.


Cordela Inn focuses on comfortable stay with affordable price for guests. We offer efficiency for our customer so they needless worry about trivial things during their travel. We aim customer satisfaction, ensuring they are comfortable staying with us.


Cordex Hotel is a value hotel that designed for new era millennial travellers who puts affordability above everything else, without sacrificing the comfort. Our concept is “we do less“ so our customers do not have to pay something that they do not need. The service given is customized according to their budget and needs. Because we believe that something less is more.


Alfa Resort is a peaceful and comfortable retreat that offers guests a chance to escape the stresses of daily life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The resort is situated amidst breathtaking natural scenery, providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy during their stay.


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