Tajil on the Road" with Omega Hotel Management: Sharing 1000 Tajil in the Holy Month of Ramadan

March 26, 2024 - Omega Hotel Management proudly announces the social initiative 'Tajil on the Road' in commemoration of the holy month of Ramadan. This event aims to spread happiness and the spirit of sharing by providing 1000 free Tajil packages to the community.

Year after year, the month of Ramadan has become an eagerly awaited moment for Muslims worldwide as a time for introspection, devotion, and sharing with others. In this spirit, Omega Hotel Management is committed to contributing to society by organizing the 'Tajil on the Road' event, which is part of a series of social activities they undertake.

The 'Tajil on the Road' event will be held simultaneously across all Omega Hotel Management networks (Cordela Suites, Grand Cordela, Cordela Hotel, Cordela Inn Hotel, Cordela Express Hotel, and Alfa Resort) on March 26, 2024. The team from Omega Hotel Management will distribute 1000 Tajil packages consisting of typical snacks served during iftar (breaking the fast) to the community. This is Omega Hotel Management's effort to reach as many people as possible, especially those in need, and to spread the warmth of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a special time to share happiness and peace with those around us. With 'Tajil on the Road', we aim to extend the positive influence of this holy month into our community. We hope that through this initiative, we can inspire people to be more caring and sharing, Daniel Sulaiman, Chief Operating Officer of Omega Hotel Management.

With 'Tajil on the Road', Omega Hotel Management hopes to be part of the collective effort in creating an atmosphere of togetherness and kindness during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a small yet meaningful step in realizing universal humanitarian values.
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