National Customer Day

South Tangerang, September 4 2024– Omega Hotel Management is very excited to announce the celebration of National Customer Day, a day dedicated to expressing gratitude to our loyal customers for their loyalty and support over the years. This year's event promises to be a memorable one, full of exciting activities and exclusive offers for our esteemed guests. As part of the hospitality industry, Omega Hotel Management recognizes the important role played by our customers in our success. National Customer Day provides the perfect opportunity for us to express our appreciation and strengthen the relationship between our guests and our brand. Various interesting events have been held on National Customer Day:
  • Customer Appreciation Reception: Omega Hotel Management Directors and all staff Management Omega Hotel Management serves our customers during the check-in process.
  •  Customer Feedback Sessions: We value your input, and we'd love to hear from You! Attend our feedback sessions to share your thoughts and ideas, help us improve our services even further.
  • 1 lucky customer on National Customer Day will get a free stay voucher for 1 year in all Omega Hotel Management hotel chains

"National Customer Day is our way of saying 'thank you' for choosing Omega Hotels as our the destination of choice for our guests" said Ditha Fitriana Corporate Marcom & PR Manager Omega Hotel Management. We invite all our guests in making Omega Hotel Management a reality a second home for so many people. Omega Hotel Management is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.
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