There are many things to do in Bandung. Many locals recommend going to Bandung for shopping, food, and a refreshing respite. It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Many travelers would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu offers a one-stop leisure in a 15 hectare area located at the foot of mount Burangrang. From the culinary experience at four thematic restaurants.
Source taken from Regional.kompas.com

Green Canyon, West Java Indonesia

Sungai Cikahuripan wellknown as Indonesia Green Canyon. Cikahuripan means water which believed can bring life to mankind.

Museum Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate is one of the historical places in Bandung which you have to visit if you have any chance to get inside it. The access is limited, but you can go inside if there is an event. Kids will enjoy the place with all the extraordinary architecture. You can have a nice stroll while diving into the history. Situated ideally in the middle of the city, it is not much of a harsh business to get in.
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