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Cibulan Baths are baths or lakes and are a collection of natural springs located in Kuningan Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. It is a famous tourist attraction in Kuningan and attracts visitors from across the country looking for a relaxing time away from everyday life. This attraction consists of 3 pools with different depths. These three ponds are inhabited by fish which are considered sacred by the locals and are not dangerous for visitors who swim. The water is also clean with spring-like clarity, ensuring a great day in the sun. There are also 7 spring wells that are considered sacred and can bring blessings if you wash your face and bring the 7 well water.
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Curug Putri Palutungan

Curug Putri Palutungan is located at the foot of Mount Ciremai, this path is also one of the climbing routes leading to the top of Mount Ciremai. When we arrived at the location of the waterfall or end of the waterfall will be presented with a beautiful view. Curug shape that protrudes into the surrounded by green cliffs that make this waterfall look green and beautiful.
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Gedung Naskah Linggarjati

Gedung Naskah Linggarjati was the place where negotiations were held between the Republic of Indonesia and the Dutch Government after the war of independence. located in Linggarjati village, Cilimus sub-district, Kuningan district.
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Goa Maria

Goa maria is a place of worship for Catholics which is also open to the public and as a religious tourist spot in Kuningan, West Java, this could be your destination. Located at the foot of Mount Ciremai and in the middle of the forest. Makes you feel at peace with the green trees that add to the coolness of the atmosphere there.
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Taman Kota Kuningan

This city park is in the center of Kuningan city so it's easy for you to reach. There are 3 spots, namely the Syiarul Islam Mosque courtyard square, the zero kilometer garden relief, and a culinary center. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the city center, visitors can try the delman rides which are decorated with sparkling lights. It is usually crowded with residents at night.
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Waduk Darma

Darma Reservoir Tour, which is located on the Cirebon-Kuningan-Ciamis highway, West Java, the Darma Reservoir Tourism Area is very suitable for residents who are in Kuningan or who just pass by when going home to unwind, there are several activities that can be done at Darma Reservoir Area. Such as Getting Around the Reservoir by Boat, Rent an electric scooter, Instagramable Spot, Children's Recreation Rides and Souvenir's shop.
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