It's time to explore Bengkulu! We are near to a number of point of interest. Escape to paradise at Cordela Inn Bengkulu - where serenity meets adventure in the heart of Indonesia's hidden gem.

Mesjid Jamik

One of the historical mosques in Bengkulu City, Bengkulu. The Bengkulu Jamik Mosque is one of the architectural works by Sukarno during his exile in Bengkulu. This mosque has Javanese and Sumatran architectural styles. Therefore, the Bengkulu Jamik Mosque is also known as the 'Bung Karno Mosque'.
Source taken from Wikipedia.org

Jakat Beach

This beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean. However, this beach has relatively calm waves and is very safe for visitors who want to taste the freshness of sea water by swimming. In addition, the condition of this beach is also quite sloping, making it easier for visitors to play in the water directly on the shore. There are various other activities that can be done on this beach, such as playing beach volleyball, playing sand, swimming.
Source taken from Travelingmedan.com

Tikus Beach

Small island located in the waters of Bengkulu Beach. Tikus Island is part of the Bengkulu City government area, Bengkulu province. This island is to the west of the city of Bengkulu and can be seen from the beaches in Bengkulu City. This island is often visited by tourists and can be reached by renting a fishing boat from Zakat Beach and Tapak Paderi Beach.
Source taken from Getlost.id

Benteng Marlborough

A British heritage fort in the city of Bengkulu. This fort was founded by the East India Company (EIC) in 1714-1719 under the leadership of governor Joseph Callet as a stronghold of England.[1] This fort was built on an artificial hill, facing the city of Bengkulu and with its back to the Indian Ocean. This fort was once burned by the people of Bengkulu; so that the inhabitants were forced to flee to Madras. They then returned in 1724 after an agreement was held. In 1793, the attack was launched again. In this incident a British officer, Robert Hamilton, was killed. And then in 1807, resident Thomas Parr was also killed. Both were commemorated by the erection of monuments in Bengkulu City by the British government.
Source taken from Nasional.tempo.co
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