Jogja has so much to offer from beautiful, majestic temples and historic palaces to its culture and beautiful Javanese people and customs with such a rich history and beautiful culture.

Beringharjo Traditional Market

Beringharjo Market is officially located on Jalan Margo Mulyo No. 16, Yogyakarta. The word beringharjo literally means "banyan tree forest", a reference to the former trees that occupied the land, as well as to the notion that the market was expected to provide welfare for Yogyakarta residents.
Source taken from Tripadvisor.com

Keraton Yogyakarta

This elegant complex of pavilions was constructed based on ancient beliefs, of the connection between the God, human and the natural realms. Each feature holds a special symbolic meaning related to the Javanese worldview, who consider the importance of Mount Merapi and The Indian Ocean.
Source taken from Kebudayaan.jogjakota.go.id


Jalan Malioboro is famous for its street vendors selling typical Jogja crafts and stalls. This street is also famous as a gathering place for artists who often express their abilities such as playing music, painting, happening art, pantomime, and others.
Source taken from Intipseleb.com
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