Cordela Hotel Cirebon is conveniently loated in an easy reach to anywhere.  Which is well known with it's local civilisation and cultures.

Alun-alun Kota Cirebon

Experience the cultural richness and vibrant energy of Indonesia at Alun-Alun Cirebon, where ancient tradition meets modern excitement.
Source taken from Archdaily.com

Keraton Kanoman

Kraton Kanoman is a palace in the Indonesian city of Cirebon in West Java. It was founded by Sultan Anom I in 1677. In the outer area of the palace, the siti inggil, are masonry versions of the classic Javanese pendopo form, as opposed to the more conventional timber structures.
Source taken from Disbudpar.cirebonkota.go.id

Keraton Kasepuhan

The Kraton Kasepuhan is the oldest kraton in the Indonesian city of Cirebon. It is the residence of the Sultan of Kasepuhan and the royal palace of Sultanate of Cirebon.
Source taken from Kompas.com

Taman Sari Goa Sunyaragi

Taman Sari Goa Sunyaragi is a cultural and historical park located in the city of Cirebon, Indonesia. The park is situated near the Sunyaragi cave complex, which was once used as a meditation site by the ruling elite of the Cirebon Sultanate. Taman Sari Goa Sunyaragi features beautifully landscaped gardens, traditional Javanese architecture, and a variety of cultural and historical artifacts.
Source taken from Phinemo.com
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