This hotel is strategically located in the city center, close to a number of interesting shopping places and tourist attractions in the city of Medan

Istana Maimun

Maimun palace is the palace of the Sultanate of Deli which is one of the icons of Medan City, North Sumatra. This palace is located on Jalan Brigadier General Katamso, Aur, Medan Maimun.
Source taken from Sumut.antarnews.com

Tjong A Fie Mansion

Is a two-storey house on Jalan Ahmad Yani in Kesawan, Medan, North Sumatra, built by Tjong A Fie (1860–1921), a Hakka trader who owned large plantations in Medan. However, since 2009 some of these houses have been opened for public visits. This house was completed in 1900 and was designed in Chinese, European, Malay and art-deco architectural styles and became a historical tourist attraction in Medan.
Source taken from Misteraladin.com

Tjong Yong Hian Gallery

Tjong Yong Hian (1850-1911) was a captain who came from China and had great services for the development of society in the city of Medan around the early 1900s during the Dutch colonial period ne form of appreciation and appreciation given by the Medan City Government to Tjong Yong Hian (Tjong A Fie's older brother) was to change the name of Jalan Bogor to Jalan Tjong Yong Hian and to inaugurate the Tjong Yong Hian Park on Jalan Kejaksaan Medan. Sc : https://www.pariwisatasumut.net/2019/04/tjong-yong-hian-taman-bunga-medan.html
Source taken from Pariwisatasumut.net
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