Hotel Management

Providing professional service in managing investor properties and maintaining the quality of services to achieve maximum result. Providing professional advice and guidance to investors who are interested in entering hospitality industry.

Managing day-to-day operation of your property. We conduct monthly financial and operational meeting with unit GM & HM to ensure hotel's potential revenue and profit is achieved, Our sales and revenue team regularly conduct weekly meeting to discuss strategies and plans of action.

Providing our staff with comprehensive training through Management Development Program (MDP) to develop their skills and experiences in the hospitality industry.

We believe that sustainable success does not only rely on work performance, but should be supported by strong corporate culture, as in our PRIDE (Professional, Respect, Innovation, Determination and Empathy).

Conducting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program that brings value to the society and generating positive impact to the environment and social walfare.

We are supporting "Go Green" activities through eco-friendly initiatives, starting from creating grenery space in our hotels' public areas, using a reuseable water bottle (less plastic), going digital (less paper), and saving water and energy programs.
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