Revenue Management & E-Commerce

Revenue Management & E-commerce can be a valuable addition to a hotel management system as it allows guests to conveniently book and pay for hotel services online and maximising potential revenue achieved. Here are some ways that e-commerce can be integrated into a hotel management system:
  • Revenue Management:
    Selling the right product to the right customer, at the right price, at the right time, via the right distribution channel
  • Online Booking:
    An e-commerce platform can be integrated with the hotel's website to allow guests to book rooms, select amenities, and make payments online. This eliminates the need for guests to call or email the hotel to make a reservation and provides a seamless booking experience.
  • Mobile App:
    A hotel management system can develop a mobile app that allows guests to book and pay for hotel services through their mobile devices. This can include booking rooms, room service, spa treatments, and other amenities.
  • Loyalty Programs:
    An e-commerce platform can also be used to create and manage loyalty programs for guests. This can include rewards for frequent stays, discounts on future bookings, and other perks that incentivize guests to book directly with the hotel.
  • Online Payments:
    An e-commerce platform can be integrated with the hotel's payment system to allow guests to make payments online. This can include payment for room reservations, spa treatments, and other hotel services.
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